Jock Palfreeman. Guilty.

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JMR-Memphis -Blind Justice-3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jock Palfreeman’s guilty.

For those of you who are not aware of this young man and his background, allow me to bring you up-to-date. Jock Palfreeman is an young Australian man who is twenty six years of age and is serving a sentence of twenty years in Sophia, Bulgraia. He is serving this sentence because in ‘self defence’ he stabbed Andrei Monov, a Bulgarian young man. Monov was infact assaulting a Gypsy in the Bulgarian capital, however, the circumstances surrounding this incident are not very well known. After allegidly witnessing this attack Palfreeman stepped in to defend the Gypsy and in turn stabbed Monov in the back and ended his life.

If you read most Australian newspaper, they’re most likely going to tell you that Jock was a hero who rushed to defend a powerless gypsy and that Bulgaria is a corrupt nation with an appalling legal system. I don’t buy it. It sounds too good to be true. A little background on the paradox that is Jock Palfreeman. He attended one of Sydney’s most prestigious private, Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview. Whilst in attendance he helped establish the ‘Student Peace and Unity Congress’ and also protested against the Australian invasion of IRAQ. Despite his vaunting of peace, unity and anti-war sentiment Jock enlisted in the British Army in late 2007 and also had a violent history, in 2004 he stabbed James Atack in Chatswood. So it appears to me as an outsider that he is a walking contradiction. The second issue that needs to be brought up is ‘Why was Jock carrying a knife?” The answer that arises constantly is that He was already assaulted in Bulgaria but I have my doubts.

I do find what Jock Palfreeman has been saying about the Bulgarian legal system to be quite offensive. Whilst in another nation one must accept the legal system for all its faults and successes. At every turn jock tries to undermine the legal system of Bulgaria and that of the European Union, the latter being the birth place of western legal values. For those who are unaware Bulgaria is a member of European Court of Justice and has a presiding judge, Mariyana Kancheva. As for him referring to the cost of a retrial which could result in his transferral to Australia as a ‘ransom’ is completely immature and just shows the scope of his understanding of the European legal system. Seeing as Jock has already had two trails at the expense of the Bulgarian Republic, it is only fair that he should pay for a third. A custom which is not exclusive to Bulgaria.

In the past month or two the book ‘Every Parent’s Nightmare’ by Belinda Hawkins was launched in Glebe. This book gives a completely one sided view of the case from an Australian perspective. This is just one in a string of examples where the Australian media will side with a guilty Australian over the victims. To look at another example one doesn’t need to look far, look north-west of Australia to Bali, Australia and one finds Schapelle Corby. An Australian women who was caught smuggling in illicit substances  into Indonesia. The Australian media has stated that she doesn’t deserve to be in an Indonesian prison, that she should be back in an Australia prison. Why should she be? She committed the crime in that nation, she should be punished in that nation and serve her punishment in that nation. This link is an important one because Jock committed the crime in Bulgaria, he was found guilty in Bulgaria and should then serve said punishment of twenty year in Bulgaria.

The idea that Julia Gillard and Bob Carr  should become involved in this issue it is preposterous. A nation has the right to find individuals guilty and punish them accordingly without interference from another sovereign nation. I would like to highlight one final point about this issue. Don’t donate a cent to ““, rather, donate it to a far worthier cause. Jock comes from a wealthy family who are spending an enormous amount of their own money due their parental blindness.

At the end of the day there are dozens of lives ruined. Andrei Monov who has been robbed of his life, Jock Palfreeman who will exit prison at 46 years of age after repaying his debt to the Bulgarian Republic, their respective families and their respective friends. In this journalist’s opinion, justice has been served. As said by  Hristo Monov “There are no winners here”.

“If not found guilty in this life, the next. If not innocent, forever he shall be.”



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